Emotional Support Dice by Geek and Artsy

Created by Geek and Artsy

A wholesome enamel pin project for all lovers of dice and Dungeons and Dragons

Latest Updates from Our Project:

shipping has started!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jan 16, 2024 at 04:05:14 AM

Good morning adventurers!
Many apologies for the delay, but after a bout of illness (on my part) and a very prolongued stay at UK customs (on the part of the pins) over the Holidays , when no one could seem to get my packages moving despite everything being in order (can you tell i'm really salty about that? ), the pins have arrived!
The look incredibly cute, and while they are slightly smaller than im used to making them, i think this works very well for this collection! i'm really happy about the results and hope you will be, too. I will post a further update with pics, and also add them to my instagram (@geekandartsy) as soon as i manage to take some nice ones. 

Meanwhile, i started shipping pledges as soon as i received the pins and was able to sort them, so some will already be en route to their backers! I prioritized this because of the already lengthy delay in receiving them to make sure you get them as soon as possible =)

As an aside, there are still backers who havent filled out their pledge manager. These pledges will now be cancelled since shipping is starting! Pins will from now on be able to be bought from my website or etsy. 

Look for an update with pics very soon!


Pins are on their way!
3 months ago – Fri, Dec 08, 2023 at 04:09:09 AM

Good morning adventurers!

This is a tiny update to let you know the pins are now being shipped to me!

With the holiday season i've made the decision to only ship them first thing in January( and ending in late january), because from experience i know theres a higher percentage of items lost in the post during the Christmas season and i'd like to try to avoid this as much as possible. 

 I will be sharing photos of them with you as soon as i receive them, which should be in about 2 weeks!

Stay excellent, and have a great Holiday season! =D

Saphira, Geek and Artsy

New photos of the pins and update on production!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 04:24:10 AM

Good morning dice dragons!

Firstly, if you havent filled out your pledge survey, please do so! I just sent out reminders, because i cant send you your pins if you dont choose them and give me your address to send them to! This has slowed production, because it took 3 weeks for backers to fill out enough surveys for me to know approximately how many i would need to have made.


I thought you might like to see some progress on production, as i love seeing how my pins are made!

Here's a before and after of what pins look like during production and afterward! Please keep in mind that the after photos are not great because they're from the manufacturer as well, i have not received them yet.

These are three of my favourite designs from this campaign, and i'm so happy with how they're looking!

All of the designs are now available on etsy and my website if you'd like to get more you weren't able to grab before.

I should be receiving all of them in 2-3 weeks depending on how crazy christmas shipping gets, and will start shipping them right away to try and get them out the door before christmas.

Have a great week, and stay excellent!

Saphira, Geek and Artsy

production has started!
4 months ago – Mon, Nov 06, 2023 at 07:10:05 AM

Just a tiny update to keep you in the loop and let you know that production of the pins started last week and its well under way! i will share a few photos of production as soon as i have them, which should be in a few days!

Aditionally, please fulfill the backerkit pledge survey if you havent already! I will not be able to ship pledges that dont have an address to ship to!

Have a great week,

Saphira, Geek and Artsy

Please fill out your backerkit surveys!
5 months ago – Fri, Oct 06, 2023 at 05:27:40 AM

Good morning adventurers!

This is a reminder that it's super important that you fill out your backerkit surveys!

Barely 50% of backers have filled their surveys out, and i cant order the pins until i have accurate counts of how many i'll need- which means i need at 80% of backers to complete their surveys! More importantly, i kinda need your address to send you your pledge! =P

Pease let me know via message if you havent received a link to the survey and i can send it to you directly.

Stay excellent, and please throw me a bone here by filling out them surveys ;)

Saphira, Geek and Artsy